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Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, El Greco and Francisco Goya are Spanish painters known throughout the world. Spain is one of many European breeding grounds for artists of all kinds. In this article, we invite you to discover 3 contemporary Spanish painters to follow absolutely. They are Ramon Enrich, Albano and Calo Carratalà. To learn a little more about their art and their artistic journey, read on.

Ramon Enrich, a contemporary and versatile painter

Ramon Enrich is a contemporary painter born in 1968 in the Barcelona region. Very young, he was passionate about art and quickly showed a versatile character. In 1965, Ramon Enrich enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, ​​where he studied graphic arts. At the same time, he enrolled in a course in art history at the university in the Catalan capital.

While still at university, Ramon Enrich traveled a lot, notably to Paris and Berlin. His various wanderings inspire and fuel his art. When he finished his two university courses, the painter crossed the Atlantic to discover the United States. He will pass, among other places, by Los Angeles, to finally settle in New York and become the assistant of the neo-impressionist painter and filmmaker, Julian Schnabel. Ramon Enrich finally returns to live in Europe, in Frankfurt.

Because of their diversity, Ramon Enrich’s paintings are fascinating. Indeed, the artist offers typographies, but also architectural paintings. The work of form is at the heart of his artistic approach. Do you like surrealist works? In this case, discover Ramon Enrich and his various achievements, via an online art gallery For example !

Albano: intense and intriguing geometric works

The painter Albano (full name Albano Hernández Domínguez) was born in 1988 in Avila and currently lives in Cambridge, England. It was his father who, at a very young age, gave him the taste for painting. Albano decides to make it his job. He studied at the art school of his city then, in 2007, took the road to Madrid where he enrolled at the Complutense University. He obtained a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and was noticed very quickly. He won numerous prizes and participated, at the age of barely 30, in numerous exhibitions.

Albano’s work is inspired by the functioning of memory, a subject that fascinates the young painter. The search for identity also guides his various works. The artist creates a series, called Atlas, constituting a personal research on the act of painting. As for the Pantone series, it is interested in the very act of creating. In 2020, it was exhibited at the College of Spain in Paris. Moreover, if you want to know a little more about Parisian museums and prepare your visit, go to the website http://www.autourdublog.fr/.

Albano’s works are very recognizable, thanks in particular to the shapes and geometric patterns that compose them.

Calo Carratalà sublimates nature, its strength and its beauty

Calo Carratalà was born in Valenciain 1959. Like most recognized artists, he began to develop his art very early. Unsurprisingly, he joined the Beaux-Arts in Valence, a training that he would then complete with a course at the Spanish Academy in Rome 20 years later, in the 2000s. This experience literally upset his way of painting. , both technically and aesthetically.

Calo Carratalà’s works are large format paintings, representing nature in its most raw forms, but also its most beautiful. To create these different landscapes, the painter was inspired by the beauty of Norway, the Amazon and the different countries he visited during his various trips around the world.

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