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Several guitarists have made history with their exceptional talents and admirable careers. Many music and musical instrument enthusiasts even idolized a few of them and became professional in this field as well. So, here is a selection of guitarists who have marked the history of music in order to best prepare the scores to play for this musical return.

Django Reinhardt

Guitar prodigy and certainly the most famous of them, guitarist Jean Reinhardt, commonly known by his stage name Django Reinhardt is ranked among one of the best classical guitarists and jazz of all time. The compositions of this talented artist, some as magnificent as the others, are even included in the soundtracks of films. His most famous creation remains the Minor Swing, which can still be heard in many pubs today. Although Django Reinhardt died several years ago, his spirit is still alive. His creations, his talents and his magnificent compositions remain forever etched in the hearts and minds of guitar lovers. His works are all the more famous at the 122 rue des rosiers in Saint-Ouen. Precisely, the restaurant La Chope des Puces in Django continues until now to play the artist’s music in memory of a fire of which he was the victim on the square itself.

Ida Presti

When we talk about the guitar, we tend to think that the practice is exclusively reserved for men. A very false idea, because some women have also marked the history of this string instrument. Among them, the name of Ida Presti comes up often. Composer, musician, guitarist, in short a complete artist, Ida Presti, whose real name is Yvette Montagnon, is a real rare pearl in the world of classical guitar. The guitarist really has her place in the guitar world. The proof, when you learn the guitar, his pieces like the famous Hungarian are always there.

Narciso Yepes

Narciso Yepes is a Spanish guitar prodigy. Very well known in the music world for his interpretation of the soundtrack of the film « Forbidden Games », he comes from a modest family, but did everything possible to shine with his talents. Narciso Yepes is best known for his ability to play the 6-string guitar in his time. Moreover, it is mainly with this type of guitar that he composed all of his pieces, these same pieces which are currently played in the four corners of the globe.

Jacques Tessarech

Many guitarists nowadays idolize Jacques Tessarech and even take him as an example. Coming from another century, he is the one who played for the Prince of Wales in his time. Admired for his techniques and talents, he was famous in his time, but he is even so today. Jacques Tessarech’s best-known works are above all his three Sonatas and his six studies. Note that the works of this guitarist are the origin of several compositions currently.

By Bruce