The value of your old assets is sentimental, material and age. To estimate them at their fair value, they should be appraised by an expert specialized in the field. The old objects that you keep so preciously have a value. In addition to the affection that can be shown to them, their material value is no less important either. The value of that lamp that adorned your grandfather’s desk may increase due to its age. Having it appraised would be the best way to know its value even if you do not intend to sell it. Its history, its value over time, its particularities, all of this will be revealed during the expertise. Moreover, there is no shortage of specialized professionals to estimate your painting, your piece of furniture or a particular object.

Why have your old object appraised?

Do you have an art object or any other old object that you inherited? You haven’t thought about it, but now you are curious what its value may be? There is nothing like experts who carry out an appraisal of your goods and inform you of the estimated market price. If you want to proceed with the sale, they can help you sell at the best price.
In any case, having an ancient object appraised is a way of obtaining an estimate in order to know its movable heritage. In addition to the financial question, it also allows us to understand part of its history. These old objects, whether unique or industrialized, have their own history. What if that mottled lamp that your grandfather once used to illuminate his desk belonged to Le Corbusier or Eileen Gray? You won’t know until you check it out.

So do not hesitate to contact a Antique furniture specialist to appraise the old piece of furniture, the painting hanging on your wall or any object that dates.

Who to contact to appraise an ancient object?

At the consignment store you can go to find out the real value of an object that dates back to your home. This solution is ideal if you plan to sell it later. However, it is better to contact an expert who will really know your goods, like an antique dealer, a second-hand dealer. He is a specialist in the history of the arts and is necessarily the best placed to know the value of your property. Specialized in objects of the time, he studies them so that they no longer hold any secrets for him.
Lamps, jewelry and art deco, paintings, furniture, etc. nothing escapes him. Entrust him with your valuable property and leave with not only its value, but also the history that he keeps so preciously.
The auctioneer is also a good interlocutor to appraise an old object.
Holder of a degree in art history, he is precisely a professional estimate. By truly mastering the history of objects, he will remain in control of the situation.

Contact the expert to ensure the value of a property

If you have more rare and specific items in your possession, it would be more appropriate to contact an expert. We are talking here in particular of a specialist in Asian or African arts or even a jeweler or a collector. Passionate and true professional, he is able to give an accurate estimate. The auctioneers can also appoint other specialists if you are looking for deeper expertise.

If you go to a passionate collector, you will be sure that the latter will cherish this object as much as you do if you have a plan to resell it.

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By Bruce