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Erotic literature has had many followers throughout history. Today, she is in « good health » thanks to contemporary novels that attract millions of readers. In the rest of this article, we will review the 5 bestsellers of the moment.

Fifty Shades of grey

Even if you haven’t read the story or seen the version adapted for the big screen, you have certainly heard of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, the protagonists of « Fifty Shades of Grey », erotic novels that were sold at more than 100 million copies from the release of the first book in 2014. In addition, the ebook version was the most downloaded in history. The story succeeded in democratizing the erotic novel reaching millions of readers. « Fifty Shades of Grey » even helped popularize SM and bdsm toys. If you want to enter this genre, start by reading the whole trilogy and enter a dark universe full of fantasies!

ask me what you want

Almost at the same time as « Fifty Shades of Grey » was published the first book in the series of erotic novels by Megan Maxwell, the Spanish author who managed to get very close to EL James with « Ask me what you want”, a story also featuring a businessman and a young woman who, after meeting, begin a romantic relationship in which they both explore various sexual fantasies. Across the four titles, the couple will go through different stages and also address the consequences of other issues such as jealousy or relationship toxicity.

Intimate stories

Simon Frankart, behind the pseudonym Little Lustsportrays a visceral view of sex. In this book, he offers (and illustrates) fifty intimate stories, lived and written by fifty men and women from all over the world in which different sexual experiences are told and in which the realm of pleasure is explored from different perspectives.

I am Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman is a powerful German entrepreneur. He is a cold man who does not value relationships with other women and enjoys sex without love and without commitment. During one of his trips to Spain, he meets Judith, a young woman who changes him completely. With her, he laughs, sings, dances… and that makes him madly in love with her. Avoiding all the feelings that arise, he tries to get away from her, but he can’t. From this moment begins a relationship with the young woman full of eroticism and with which Judith discovers new sexual facets. This is the first volume in a series created by renowned erotic novelist Megan Maxwell.

Courtesan’s secrets

In 18th century Madrid lives Julia Ponce de León, daughter of the court painter of the Monteros and one of the many courtesans who inhabit the Royal Palace. His life was designed down to the millimeter: he was taught how to sit, what to say, how to dress and who to love. But the court is a place full of secrets and Julia is about to discover that in the palace everything is appearance and what matters is the game. A novel that combines history and eroticism and which supposes a plea in favor of pleasure and role of women over the centuries.

By Bruce