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Works of art are artistic creations that fulfill an aesthetic function. These are very valuable items. If we decide to transfer them from one place to another, the transport requires precise preparation and appropriate treatment. We must also consider the cost of transporting the work of art. This type of transport in this case requires greater attention so that these objects are packed with the greatest care.

Work of art transport price factors

The transport of artwork and its price are defined according to two factors. The first is the distance of the trip. The bigger it is, the higher the price. Passing by Blanketthe transport from one country to another country in the European Union varies between 1,000 euros to 2,000 euros for the removal of a work of art. If the operation is carried out between two French cities, the price of the move varies between 900 euros to 1,500 euros. The second factor in the cost of transporting a work of art is the volume of furniture and personal belongings as well as the level of comfort sought. The larger the cargo, the more expensive the transport of works of art and its price. Transporting a painting, for example, is less difficult than transporting a 500 kg statue. Handling is more delicate without the appropriate moving equipment.

The third factor is the moving formula. An artistic monument needs a specialized transport and moving service. To limit the risk of damaging the work of art, the owners often choose the turnkey transport formula to benefit from a competitive price for transporting the work of art. This formula consists of transporting fragile objects. Here, it is the professionals who take care of all the work. The rate is higher, but it is more appropriate to the circumstances and more reassuring. To find out more about transport insurance, visit the website Magazine Warranty.

The costs to be paid in transporting a work of art

When you decide to transfer a work of art, you have to plan for a certain budget. The main expenses of this operation are based on the fees of the professionals, the rental of the truck as well as the price of the boxes. There are also costs related to the termination of various contracts. In all, the cost of transporting a work of art is estimated between 1,000 euros and 3,000 euros for national transport. The latter is different for international transport.

In addition, there are also costs that you do not think of such as taxes and duties for the transport of works of art. it should be noted that a security deposit must be paid to the owner of the work of art in the event of damage. Do not forget the agency commissions if you use a real estate agent or a notary.

How to transport works of art?

In addition to the price of transporting a work of art, it is also necessary to take an interest in the skills of the specialized carrier. To ensure a secure move, the carrier must first assess the fragility of the objects in order to choose the most suitable packaging. For this, he focuses on the packaging and handling of works of art during transport. He must be extremely careful not to damage the painting, the painting, the vase or the statue. In order for the works of art not to be damaged during transport, it is necessary to pack them efficiently. The packaging is also one of the criteria to be taken into account in the definition of the price of transporting a work of art. Afterwards, it is necessary to choose the right packaging materials and transport equipment, in particular cardboard, foam or straps. The best thing is to use modern, high-performance equipment that is suitable for heavy handling.

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