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Over the years, we tend to accumulate many objects such as books that overflow our library. Whether it’s children’s books, textbooks, books for our higher education or novels, we tend to keep them all despite the fact that they will no longer be read. Some are certainly no longer in your library, but stored in boxes.

Obviously, you don’t want to throw them away, but what to do with those old books? Two solutions are available to you: either resell them to try to earn some money with them, or give them away for free.

In this article, we will give you tips to know what to do with your old books.

Sell ​​second hand books

To pay give a second life to your old booksone solution is to resell them. The advantage of this option is that you can allow other people to enjoy your books at a reduced price while earning a little money.

There are several options for reselling your used books easily.

1- Sell your books to a bookseller

This first option has the merit of helping to sustain small local businesses. Many bookstores can buy back your used books to resell them in their shop.

Be careful, however, booksellers do not necessarily buy back all the books. Depending on the title, author, and overall condition of the book, they might refuse to take your book back. We therefore advise you not to go to your bookstore with a box containing all your books for resale. Go through the list of your books beforehand to see which ones he could potentially repurchase.

Another important point, it is possible that your bookseller pays you in good buy and not in cash. It is therefore essential to inquire in advance if you wish to favor this option.

2- Sell your second-hand books online

This is definitely the easiest and fastest option. Whether through a mobile app or directly on their website, there are many e-commerce who offer you to buy back and resell your used books like momox-shop.

You can even see the trade-in price simply by scanning the barcode of the book. After sending and reviewing your books, the money will be transferred to your account.

It is nevertheless important to specify that the take-back price will be relatively low depending on the book you wish to resell. However, these online stores will take back the majority of your old books: novels, children’s books, textbooks, biographies, etc

It is also to be noted that the costs of sending books are sometimes free depending on the e-commerce you choose.

3- Sell your books at flea markets

To pay sell your old booksyou can simply participate in a flea market near you. This last option is probably the most friendly, but will require more organization. This solution will also allow you to resell other items that you have accumulated over the years.

You will be able to resell your objects, including your books, but you will also have to deduct the cost of participation in the flea market. You will also have to organize yourself to sort the objects to be resold and manage the logistics to set up your stand.

You will also be able to do business by buying other items you need at bargain prices.

Donate old books

Reselling used books isn’t the only option, you can also donate them. The advantage of this solution is that you will benefit people who might not have the means to buy them.

Here are different options to donate your books easily.

1- Donate your books to associations or a municipal library

This solution has the merit of making access to culture easier and of making your works available to people who do not necessarily have the means to buy them. There are many associations that will allow you to donate your books easily, such as Emmaus Or Library Without Borders.

You can also donate your books to some municipal libraries, provided the books are in good condition. If you prefer this option, you will be asked to make a list of your books beforehand. Please note, however, that not all municipal libraries accept donations, so we invite you to inquire at your town hall or directly at the library.

2- Put your books in a “book box”

Popular in North America, this user-friendly option appeared a few years ago in France. These are the famous neighborhood “book boxes”. It is self-service boxes where you can drop off and pick up books at your convenience.

An original idea that allows you to create social ties in your city or neighborhood while giving access to culture for free.

You will also find a list of book boxes available near you on this website. If you choose to donate your books, this is a great local solution that brings some life to your town.

By Bruce